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Translation Services

I provide the highest quality Translation, Proofreading, Editing and Localization services from German and English to Russian and Ukrainian.

Drawing (9) Translation. Presenting the significance of the information from German or English with transparency, accuracy, conform to grammar and syntax rules, in Russian or Ukrainian.

Drawing (9) Proofreading. Detecting written mistakes in spelling, syntax, punctuation, grammar and style, informing  inconsistencies.

Drawing (9)  Editing. Detecting content mistakes carrefully focus on consistency of context in order to match with the expected idea, particular style and technical knowledge.

Drawing (9) Localization. Adapting and adjusting the translation specifically for Ukraine and Russia, revamping it in a typical "Ukrainian or Russian Style", making it sound friendly, natural and familiar. 

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 Specialization Areas

With experience working as Professional Technical Translator and IT Assistant at one of the top technology companies, manufacturers of equipment and machines, I specialize in:
Drawing (9) Machinery Sector. Includes all around machines from power tools, electrical appliance, manufacturing and production equipment.

Drawing (9) Electronics Industry. Includes all the information about consumer electronics, devices for entertainment, communication and digital technologies, e.g.

  • User guide
  • Technical manual
  • Warranty policy
  • Product description
  • Shipping specifications
  • Service policies
  • Commercial brochure
  • Buying and selling terms, etc.

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Professional Translator

I'm Certified Technical Translator for the German and English languages by The Munich Institute of Languages and Interpreting, and have a Master's degree in Translation by The Kirovograd Pedagogic State University, with a high scale of values and experience to deliver first class services in all my projects.

  • Qualities
  • Drawing (9)  Native Russian and Ukrainian speaker
  • Drawing (9)  High linguistic education
  • Drawing (9)  Certified Technical Translator
  • Drawing (9)  Insight into German culture
  • Drawing (9)  10 years of experience
  • Drawing (9)  Proficient in Trados Studio
  • Drawing (9)  Capacity for 2,500 words a day
  • Drawing (9)  Maintaining document layout
  • Drawing (9)  Safe keeping programming code
  • Drawing (9)  Committed to excellence 

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Benefits for you

  • Drawing (9)  The correct meanings expression
  • Drawing (9)  Consistency in context and style
  • Drawing (9)  The audience perfect match
  • Drawing (9)  Communication culturally right
  • Drawing (9)  100% Quality guarantee
  • Drawing (9)  Your information is safe
  • Drawing (9)  Done by a reliable professional

A reliable translation saves more than just money

Iryna Kotush
Certified Translator